Living in condominium and invest in townhouse

Although have townhouses in the center of city, hundreds of square meters villas in District 2, District 9, but many investors in Ho Chi Minh City still choose condominium to live.

Xu hướng chọn căn hộ chung cư để ở ngày càng tăng

The trend of choosing apartments to stay is increasing in Ho Chi Minh city

It sounds strange but in recent years, this is the trend in the busiest city in the country. Explaining this, Mr. Nguyen Loc Hanh – Deputy General Director of Danh Khoi Real Estate Joint Stock Company said: condominiums are experiencing strong growth in both quantity and quality, achieving perfection from utilities, services, living environment to transport connections. That is why condominiums market gradually won the hearts of consumers who previously said that condominiums are collective, complex, inconvenient and uncomfortable.

In addition, these high end apartment projects have recently hired a professional management company to manage the building. It also has high security standards and green living areas to make residents feel like they are in resorts. Nearly 90% of new high-end apartments in the central area or near the city central have almost full utilities such as supermarkets, swimming pools, spas, gyms and schools, etc. These advantages are particularly suited to the needs of a part of the high-income population, who prefer privacy and convenience.

Meanwhile, with adjacent real estate properties such as townhouses, villas, land plots, investors often lease out to generate passive money each month. Small town houses in the central districts have also brought in at least ten million per month for investors.

For those people who have a large amount of asset, a cumulative amount of tens of billions of VND, choosing penthouses in high-class apartments to enjoy good facilities and security services is no longer new to big cities like Ho Chi Minh city. However, even the emerging middle class people, the new cumulative amount of money from 4 to 5 billion VND, is also excited about the trend in apartment buildings investing in land and townhouses.

The cycle of the real estate market once every 10 years is feverish once. Each time, land prices often increase by 3-5 times. This leads to idle cash flows of the people who are pouring into instant assets to hunt for opportunities for sudden profit. In particular, real estate is still considered a safe choice, less slippage and value increases over time.

Mr. Hanh predicted that the trend in condominiums investing in townhouse land will continue to increase in HCMC in the future. In the place of security and comfort to enjoy superior quality of life and to allow land and townhouses to create a passive source of money will gradually replace the Vietnamese people’s notions.