Operating in the market in District 4, Stellahome give you a lot of apartement for rent and for sale in projects like The Tresor, Rivergate Residence, ICON 56, Galaxy 9, etc.

To buy or sale an apartment, customer needs to:


– Step 1:  The Buyer and the Seller make agreement.

The Buyer and the Seller will discuss about price and term for the apartment purchase and sale contract after check the legal status of the apartment (house ownership certificate, ID number of the seller, etc.) are eligible for sale exchange or not.

– Step 2: Deposit

The deposit will be made after 2 parties have agreed all terms in purchase and sale contract.


ICON 56 Building

– Step 3: Notarized the Apartment purchase and sale contract.

– Step 4: Tax declaration.

– Step 5: Register the contract

– Step 6: Complete the procedure of owning the apartment and pay the remaining amount under the transfer contract of the apartment.


River Gate Residence

2 bedroom apartment in district 4

Living room of an 3 bedroom apartment

With an experienced team, Stellahome will advise customers carefully on price, payment method, signing, paperwork … We will always be with you throughout apartment sale process.

Please contact Stellahome for further advice – Hotline: 0907.881.877