How to cool your home without air-conditioner

Every summer, the most popular way to reduce heat is by using air conditioners. However, this method is quite expensive, pollutes the environment and poses a risk of heat shock leading to stroke if you have to go outdoors.

Here are some simple tips that you can do yourself. Including the ancient measures that the Egyptians used again.

1. Plant a lot of tree

Cây xanh cung cấp thêm không khí và làm mát căn hộ của bạn

Trees provide fresh air with more oxygen and help to cool your apartment

You know, trees besides supplying oxygen during photosynthesis, they also provide steam. So when standing under the shade of the tree, you will feel cooler than the shadow of the corrugated iron. Trees or trellis of trees on the balcony also absorb heat. Besides, they also help prevent dust and air purification, making you feel more comfortable on hot days.

2. Always keep the curtain closeKéo rèm cửa là ngăn chặn sự hấp thụ nhiệt

The curtains help to prevent heat absorptionIf you are not comfortable putting green trees, close the window blinds or sunny areas. This door is like an insulation layer. According to a scientific study, 30% of unwanted heat comes from windows. With this simple method you can help reduce 7% on electricity bills and keep the room temperature low. Please use light colored fabric for the outside of the curtain and the superior color for the inside. It will help reflect the light back outside and limit sunshine to the inside.

3. Don’t close all door all the time

Many people think that closing the door will make the hot sun not enter your apartment. But the reality is that this way only makes your house hotter if the air has no way to escape. Make use of natural cool winds to help the air in your room circulate. This not only helps to cool the natural wind, but also helps the air in the room have more oxygen and reduces the feeling of heat.

4. DIY air-conditioner

You don’t need to turn on the air conditioner to bring the cold air coming in your room. Instead, you can use a simple trick with ice and a fan. Put ice cold in a bowl and place in front of a fan. The cold air then rises and the fan blows all over the room to reduce the heat very well. If you are hard to tinker, you can even make a fan blowing your own stone with a foam box.

5. Adjust ceiling fan to rotate clockwise

In the summer, install a ceiling fan rotating in an anti-clockwise direction will creating a light breeze. When standing under the fan you will feel the cold air directly down the body. Cold air is concentrated and not diluted throughout the room.

6. Cool your body instead of the room

Nước chanh đường là thức uống giải nhiệt lý tưởng cho mùa hè

Lemonade is the ideal drink to cool your body for the summer

In addition to cooling the house, don’t forget to cool your body from the inside. Wear cool clothes, use a cold washcloth over the hot body areas like the neck, inside the elbow, drink cool cooling water.

7. Replace incandescent lamp with compact light

Các bóng đèn sợi đốt cũng tỏa ra một lượng nhiệt rất lớn, năng lượng này là hoàn toàn lãng phí. Do đó, đừng ngần ngại thay thế những bóng đèn sợi đốt này bằng đèn huỳnh quang conpact. Không chỉ giúp làm giảm nhiệt độ trong nhà mà còn giúp làm giảm hóa đơn tiền điện của bạn mỗi tháng. Đồng thời hãy hạn chế sử dụng thiết bị điện nhiều nhất có thể. Các thiết bị này đều thải ra nhiệt trong quá trình hoạt động.

8. Insulation for roofs

For townhouses, due to the fact that there is only one façade, all three sides are blocked, so the heat of the sun in the house is mainly from the roof. This can be done by adding false ceilings with materials specialized in heat-resistant plaster, steam-insulated foam bags. Or you can use additional insulation stickers for glass doors.

9. Replace mattresses and bed sheets

Finally, whether it’s summer or rainy season, always keep the bedroom clean. If you feel hot when lying down but not familiar with mats, choose spring mattresses or cushions made from natural fibers. Changing bed sheets regularly will also help you feel better when it is hot. Because if you leave the dirt to stick for a long time, it will make the air difficult to circulate.

Hope these suggestions can help you overcome this hot summer in Ho Chi Minh City.