Co-working space – office in Industry 4.0 era

In the industry 4.0 era, when the number of start-ups business grown strongly. New services are born, using technology platforms such as sharing transport services (Uber, Grab), houses (Airbnb) and even office (Co-working space).

Co-working space - office for industry 4.0 era

Co-working space – office for industry 4.0 era

When the startup boomed today, the demand for office space increased suddenly. Traditional office types are more expensive and only have large space office. It is not suitable for a small business like startups. This kind of company just have some people, some just have one. That is the reason why co-working space was born. These offices have a variety of areas to meet different needs. At the same time, space here is designed in a youthful and creative style to create excitement for employees.

However, because this type is more and more so choosing a good office is not easy. If you are considering finding a co-working space, take a look at the following factors to easily analyze and compare.


Location is probably the first thing you care about when choosing an office. A place with convenient traffic for customers to easily access and receive staff is also easy to travel. There are many facilities around or the administrative center is a big plus.

Parking is also something you should consider when choosing an office. If the location is clear, vehicles such as cars or trucks can be easily accessed. The parking lot is also often more spacious. However, the location is good, the price will also be high. Therefore, your office is not necessarily in the center of the city like district 1. The surrounding areas such as District 4, District 3 are also an ideal place when it is still easy to use the central area facilities. The price is much cheaper.

Văn phòng làm việc với nhiều không gian thư giãn

Office work with lots of relaxing space


As mentioned above, besides the position, the equally important factor is the budget. Please carefully measure the cost you will spend to rent an office. In addition to the basic rent, some places will charge additional management fees, refrigeration fees, utilities and VAT. Some of your new business will not calculate these issues. Therefore, there will be a case of over budgeting. Besides, if your staff is pretty much, consider hiring a full office.

Office Community

In many cultures, it is said that when you marry someone you also marry their family. Similarly, when you join a coworking, you also join the community of that space. It will be the common working environment of many individuals, businesses and experts of many different professions. Therefore, if you are able to work in an environment where many partners related to your field will be a great advantage. Teamwork, collaboration, connection and sharing thinking are great business advantages you will enjoy if you choose a coworking community with the right community.

At the same time, seeing other people actively working, developing their businesses will encourage you to work every day. The social aspect of working with people with business challenges will also help you avoid the feeling of isolation and loneliness that often occurs when working in a traditional office, where there is only one background. culture of a company in isolated space.

A co-working space in HCMC

A co-working space in HCMC


Today’s new office models will often be designed in an open way, helping employees relax to stimulate creativity and increase productivity. If at the sharing office you plan to hire services such as coffee area, entertainment game … it would be great.

Do not forget the facilities such as internet systems, printers, photocopiers … or areas suitable for important meetings.