5 classic dishes to repare for your X-mas

Every single holiday always has their own traditional food or drink and Christmas is not an exception. If you are intending to prepare a Christmas party for your family, these tips below are things you need. Even if you just want to do some little things to enjoy Christmas in your cozy apartment.

Bûche de Noël cake

Bánh khúc cây

Bûche de Noël – signature dessert of this Christmas

Referring to X-mas is certainly not missing this Bûche de Noël cake. As its name implies, this cake’s decorating is nothing less than a piece of wood. Basically, It is similar to the roll gato. Depends on the favourite taste of each person, you can add chocolate or cream inside.

There is a theory that this cake originated from the ancient Celtic custom. On the last day of the year, they burned the big trees all night to celebrate the return of the sun after the cold winter days. From then on, people considered eating the tree trunk will bring good luck in the new year and avoid the bad luck.

Roasted turkey

Gà tây nướng cho đêm giáng sinh

Roasted turkey for Christmas dinner

In some countries, people believe that Christmas will no longer be Christmas for Christmas without traditional turkey at the dinner table. In recent years, a lot of big supermarkets like Lotte Mart or Emart have started selling this turkey. If you are wondering that can we make this dish in Vietnam or not, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

Ginger bread house

A delicious ginger bread house 

The brown ginger bread house surrounded by snow is no stranger to Christmas. Besides Bûche de Noël, ginger bread is also a popular dish of this feast. In a cold winter day like Christmas, it will be so great to enjoy a crunchy ginger cake.

Cookie man

Cookie man

Cookie man

The following dish on the list of traditional Christmas is another dessert. And we pretty sure it is one of the simplest and most compact dish in this list. Actually, cookie man has the same recipe with the normal cookie but different shape. They make it looks like a cute boy and decorate for it.

Mint candy cane

Kẹo que bạc hà

People often use mint candy cane  to decorate their Christmas tree

Whenever you look at Christmas tree decorations, have you ever wondered what curvy rods look like in red and white? That is the image representing mint mints. The first version of the lollipop is a straight candy plant with a length of about 1 hand, red and white stripes interlaced. And the mint was added by an American candy seller later and became familiar to today.