Galaxy 9 Apartment

Choosing a living space to reconcile all the criteria to enjoy life of family members is not easy. With most tenants, it is always noted that the design and interior of the apartment is the place where people can comfortably relax after a hard working day and also a common place of activity for whole family.

Understanding the precise of investors

Toàn cảnh tòa nhà Galaxy 9
Galaxy 9 Apartment

This year, highlighted and attracted the attention of customers is Galaxy 9 Residence, which is known as a new symbol of modern and high life in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to the prominent features such as the extremely spacious green park (2.4 hectares), the location is extremely convenient for traffic to the center of District 1, District 5, District 7, near many schools, longevity and major hospitals. The Galaxy 9 apartment is also designed by Novaland Investor, which offers a rooftop swimming pool, luxuriously designed to give you the freedom to relax, swim and enjoy the panoramic view of Bitexco Tower and city.

Kitchen facilities

Phòng bếp trong một căn nhà của Galaxy 9
Model of Galaxy 9’s Kitchen

Typically, Galaxy 9 Residence excels in design, which is the kitchen. The kitchen is specially designed in a luxurious style, is a private space, can process fresh food and natural gas and prevent food odor so as not to affect other space inside the kitchen of household.

Multi-communal room

Phòng sinh hoạt chung
Living room

The living room uses glass doors but still ensures temperature regulation, avoids UV rays, ultraviolet rays help to ensure health and bright space, close to nature for the whole apartment.

The facilities are fully equipped

Each generation has its own habits and preferences. Understanding this, the Galaxy 9 has also designed special areas of outstanding utility, serving the lives of generations of residents such as the central park is equipped with sports equipment for adults. The  rooftop swimming pool with a restaurant chain, café for parents and children’s amusement park, etc.

Hồ bơi
Galaxy 9 ‘s swimming pool
Khu vui chơi cho trẻ em
Children playground

Galaxy 9 Apartment  is truly a leading project in the city’s apartment projects, which is sure of making the right choice for your home.